Being a teen can be some of the most trying times in someones life. Even if they don’t have all the responsibilities of an adult, teens have multiple areas where they are developing who they are under quite stressful environments. They are developing what they are good at and figuring out there likes and dislikes, yet having to continue to doing things they don’t like, don’t think are relevant, or feel discouraged about. All while being judged, graded, and in competition with others who are not mature. A life-coach can help sort through these challenges and expectations to help them thrive.


Teens can get stuck in really painful feelings to things that happen to them and fears they might have. They can start to protect themselves in ways that actually aren’t helpful, or think negatively about themselves. Counseling can help them express and process these, and learn healthier behaviors, start to be able to evaluate those thoughts, and work towards beliefs that are more beneficial.

Teens bodies and hormones and needs are changing. They know so much and can learn so quickly, yet their brain isn’t fully developed and they don’t have the wisdom that comes with life, so freedom is limited. This can lead them to feeling really restricted, frustrated, moody or angry; making conversations about desired freedom more of a battle.


Counseling can help bridge the gap between parents and teens and restore relationships by building that rapport, understanding their dreams, and encourage them to work with their parents to reach their goals and negotiate desires. I enjoy working with teens and listening to them. Getting on their level, and seeing the world through their eyes, so I can understand how to nurture them.

It is very important that parents are kept aware of any concerns during the process. I encourage teens to start talking to their parents about these things. I can additionally offer family counseling in this case to provide a safe place for the to share, and smooth out the dynamics. Please give me a call today!