The challenge

Life can be really hard, and coming to therapy and facing what is making life so hard can feel even more distressing. However, addressing issues earlier is better. Not interrupting and changing negative patterns in life means they will get even more ingrained over time and accumulate more consequences. My goal is for you to start feeling better quickly by providing support in therapy, but also getting to the work in counseling quickly. I want to help you see your strength and skills you currently have. Then grow your skill sets and strengths to compensate for weaknesses. For you to stop feeling like you are in crisis and needing therapy just to stay afloat.

The process

In individual counseling I will thoroughly listen to your story and perspective, and reflect what I understand with words, not just sounds or more questions, so you know you have really been heard. Helping you find the right words to describe more of your story, pointing out underlying hurts, needs, and desires, and helping you describe the challenge enough to be able to address it. When I see you stuck, I will brainstorm with you, sharing many observed and researched patterns that happen in relationships and individuals; and you can let me know if that was right. I won’t just ask broad questions and wait several weeks to see what you come up with. I have spent years studying these issues, and will share from that knowledge and experience.

The discovery work

Once I have a well-rounded understanding of your situation, we will determined the major drivers of the issue(s) that need to be addressed (which does not just mean blaming your childhood experiences and then minimizing what is currently going on!). After we have found the drivers to issues, I will explain some different interventions available to you. Sometimes just having more clarity on the issues and their repercussions (and the opposite – your skills, blessings, and treasures), is enough to function better in life. Being able to clearly see the whole picture is hugely helpful in navigating life, and that sight can lead to more insight.

The payoff

We will then move forward with the approaches you are comfortable with, to loosen and disrupt the negative patterns and replace them with something helpful. We can get to work as soon as possible to reduce some of the pressure and discomfort down quickly. You can learn how to keep it at a manageable level, so you can live your best life. My goal working with you, is to work myself out of a job!